Al Menah Units

With over 3,000 members in the Al Menah Shriners, it is very important to stay engaged with the shrine and what better way to do that, join a Unit or Club that suits you best.  We have many to choose from so finding something that fits your needs should not be a problem.  They are listed below with their contact information.  If you have any trouble reaching any of them, just call the office or any Divan member.
Brass Band


Captain - Jerry Lackey

1st Lieutenant - Danny Robbins

Sec. / Tres. - Pete Cantrell

Active Members

Edwin Benson

Jeff Phillips

Danny Robbins

Victor Smith

Captain Contact Info.


D & B Mountaineers


Captain - William Holland

1st Lieutenant - Joe Atchley

2nd Lieutenant - 

Secretary - Frank Carter

Treasure - Ronnie Berry

Active Members

Wayne Branch

Claude Claytor

Leo Claytor

Timothy Claytor

Ray Cravens

Jerry Dallas

Jesse Harris

Al Henderson

Robin Minor

Ronald Neill

Dale Nord

Steve Polak

Allan Potts

Jesse Riggs

Harvey Solomon

Dewight Spencer

John Spickard

Captain Contact Info.


Horse Patrol


Captain - Dale Francis

Lieutenant - Loren Wells

Mule Skinner - Shannon Parker

Sec. / Tres. - Dan Clark

Active Members

John Carter

Lee Davis

Bill Hoskins

Kevin Johnson

Walter Johnson

Ernest Jones

Benji Maggart

Daryl Shepherd

Steve Stubblefield

Captain Contact Info.



Captain - Kristopher Fisher

Lieutenant - David Butler

Sec. / Tres. - Bill Gable

Active Members

Captain Contact Info. 


Director's Staff


Captain - Fred Lysak

Lieutenant - Joseph Anderson

Sec / Tres  - Brent Stadterman



Active Members

Michael "Fuzzy" Alderdice

John G. Anderson

Don Drayton, Sr.

Ernie Forsythe

Pat Foster

Glen Hanna

Kenny Jakes

Johnny Jenkins

Dan Stockmeyer

Joe Stroud

Mike Villines, Jr.

Barry Williams

Buddy Helms

Captain Contact Info.

             Fred Lysak      

Legion of Honor


Commander - Wayne Steele

Vice-Commander - Steve Singleton

Lt. Commander - Jason Robinson

Adjutant - Arthur Devooght

Finance Officer - Eugene Ornes

Active Members

Frank Clark

Gray Drennon

Harry Dunn

Eugene Hardiman

Eugene Hunter

Eric Massey

Jason Robinson

Howard Rodriguez

William Scurlock

Robert Silva

Steve Singleton

Troy Smith

Captain Contact Info.

(931) 596-5856

Provost Guard


Captain -  

Lieutenant - 

Quarter Master - 

Drill Master -

Mule Skinner -

Sec. / Tres. - Frank Carter

Active Members


Captain Contact Info.


Oriental Band


Captain -  

Lieutenant -  

Quarter Master - 

Drill Master -

Mule Skinner -

Sec. / Tres. -  

Active Members


Captain Contact Info.




Captain - James (Puzzles) Chambers

Lieutenant - Jim (Snips) Lee

Secretary - Clay (Flat Top) Hedgepath

Treasure - Ronnie (Useless) Brown

Active Members

Brian Barnes - Ezy

Charles Bates - Wire Nut

Vernon Blackburn - Jingles

Malcolm Collier - KuKu

Greg Elmore - Elmo

Lee Doyle - Smokey

Danny Gentry - Slapstick

Troy Honeycutt - Paintbucket

Scott Jones - Joker

Mike Kemp - Wild Child

Geoffrey King - Sticks

Lanny Selby - Snee Kee

Randy Slapak - Slappy

Shane Talkington - Okie

Lonnie Taylor - Show Biz

Jason Thomas - Dokie

Captain Contact Info.




Captain - Steven Beasley

1st Lieutenant - Scott Beasley

2nd Lieutenant - 

Sec. / Treas. - Pat Patterson

Active Members

James Andrews

Lou Becker

Steven Douglas

Conley Dykes, PP

Don Estes, Sr.

Kirk Hunt

Chris Johnson

Will Johnson

Richard Kranpitz

Mike Lee

Robert O'Quin

Charlie V. Smith

Richard Smithson

Troy Terranova

Jerry Tucker

Captain Contact Info.


Motor Corps


Captain - Leighton G. Bush

Adjutant - JohnDean

Sec. / Treas. - Barry Molasy

Rec. Secretary - Terry Posey

Parliamentarian - Greg Hill

Historian & Chaplain - Frank Hester P.P.

Journalist - Phil Parman

Active Members

Classic Cars

Lieutenant - Scott Karns

Ron Boyle

Leighton Bush

Mack Flatt, Jr.

Sam Isbell

James McGowan

Jason Wolfe

Dune Buggies

Lieutenant - John Dean

John Cain

Kyle Mason

Walt Toney


Lieutenant - Mike Bove

Angelo Audia

Tracy Banta

Allen Brewer

Matt Burton

Frank Hester

Joey Holder

Van Miller

Craig Parman

Phil Parman

Tommy Stevenson


Captain Contact Info.


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