The Fabulous Al Menah Clowns

The Al Menah Clown has a long rich history of entertaining children of all ages.  We were formed in 1956 with our first captain of the unit being Haggard Oldham. We have came along way since then.  We are a very active unit and require a commitment from our members to participate in dress outs, parades, meeting and may other events.  
You have to ask yourself "Is There a clown in you?" 

Here are some of the events we participate in each year:

Skits for the Circus


Midwinter Clown Competitions

Annual SESCA Convention

Annual Hospital Trip

Clowns also have fun events for you and your lady.  Here are a few:

Bowling Nights, Dance Nights, Potentates Ball, New Clown Party, Picnic, Fall Party and our famous Christmas Party.

If you are interested in becoming an Al Menah Clown please contact our Captain @

Captain Contact Info.

Captain Charlie (Hot Rod) Jackson