(Pronounced di-van, with emphasis on the second syllable. ) - In Oriental countries, a royal council or council room. In the context of the Shrine, the Divan is the "board of directors" or "executive council" of the organization, and serves as the management team for both fraternal and business activities of the Temple. Each Shrine Temple has it's own Divan, and the minimum number of Divan members is set by Imperial by-laws at five, with each of these being elected by the Nobility (membership). The additional positions are usually appointed by the Potentate. Like most Masonic organizations, the Divan is usually a "progressive" line, which means that one new person is appointed or elected to the line each year, the other members of the Divan move "up" one position, and the top man retires from the line and becomes a Past Potentate. In addition, two more elected officers are considered part of the Divan, namely the Recorder (Secretary) and Treasurer. These two officers, however, are not usually part of the "progressive" line, and may serve in the same office for more than one year (if so elected) Each position in the line has it's own title, derived from Arabic tradition, and each has it's own set of defined duties and responsibilities. Potentates (both past and present) are addressed as "Illustrious Sir", Imperial Potentates (both past and present) and members of the Imperial Divan are addressed as "Imperial Sir", while all other Shriners are addressed as "Noble". Assuming an individual is re-appointed and/or re-elected to the Divan each year, in the time it takes to move up from Oriental Guide to Potentate, he will have had exposure to and responsibility for every aspect of the Shrine's operation..


Scott Jones

Greenbrier TN 37073

Cell: 615-456-9111

Email: jokershrineclown@yahoo.com

Bio Info: Lady Kim

Scott was raised a master mason in Greeenbrier Lodge #753, received his Scottish Rite degrees and walked the hot sands of Al Menah Temple in 1997. He has been a Past Master twice, Past Captain of the Al Menah Clowns, Past President of SESCA, and currently serves as Master of his lodge. He is the Tennessee State Fair Manager and has been involved with the fair over 31 years.  Scott and Lady Kim have been married over 22 years and they have two beautiful dogs.

Chief Rabban

Donnie Drayton

Hendersonville TN 37075

Cell: 615-804-4119

Email: donnie.drayton@northstarenv.com

Bio Info: Lady Kay

Donnie was raised a Master Mason in Beech Lodge #240 in 2005, received his Scottish Rite degrees and walked the hot sands of Al Menah in 2008. He is a Past Master of Beech Lodge, and Past Captain of the Director Staff. 

Assistant Rabban

Frank Wilson

Kingston Springs, TN 

Cell: 615-290-0915


Bio Info: Lady Valerie

Frank was raised a Master Mason in Republic Lodge #570 in 1978, received his Scottish Rite degrees and crossed the hot sands in 1995. He is a Past Master of Republic Lodge #570, and United Lodge #5. Frank is a Past Captain of the Al Menah Clowns. Frank retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2008.

High Priest & Prophet

Gary Howell

Westmoreland, TN 

Cell: 615-202-0522

Email: bigdog@nctc.com

Bio Info: Lady Suzanne

Gary was raised a Master Mason in 1979 at Trammel Lodge 436 in Westmoreland, TN.  In the early 1980's he obtained York Rite degree and in May 1990 he joined the Al Menah Shrine.  Gary became a member of the Provost Guard and served as Captain of the Unit in 2006. He has served as President of the Southeastern Provost Guard Association in both 2011 and 2012.  Gary is retired from R.R. Donnelley & Sons in Gallatin, TN after 27 years of service.

Oriental Guide

Fred Lysak

Gallatin, TN 

Cell: 615-630-1458

Email: flysak@apclp.com

Bio Info: Lady Charlotte

Fred was raised a  Master Mason in Highlands Lodge #168 in Edmonton, Alberta in 1981.  He received his York Rite degrees in 1982 and walked the Hot Sands in 1983 at Al Shamal Shriners.  In 1985 he became a founding member of Al Shamal Temple in Edmonton, Alberta.


He joined Beech Lodge #240 on 2014 and is now current Master.  He joined Al Menah in 2015 and was the Captain of the Directors Staff in 2019.  


Wes Frye

Springfield, TN 

Cell: 615-519-9558

Email: wesfreye@comcast.net

Bio Info: Lady Joyce

Wes was raised a Master Mason in McWhirtersville Lodge #375 in 1968, received his Scottish Rite degrees in 1974, and became a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor in 2015. Wes crossed the hot sands of Al Menah in 1983. Wes is Past Captain of the Potentate's Guard, and has served Al Menah as Director General and Chief of Staff. Wes has served as Treasurer since 2013. 



Mt. Juliet, TN 

Cell: 615-415-7587

Email: ccdaniel@aol.com

Bio Info: 

Bob has been serving as Recorder since 2005 and is a member of Mt. Juliet Lodge #642 where he was raised a Master Mason in 1981.  He crossed the hot sands of  Al Menah in 1981 and is Past Captain of the Oriental Band.  He is a member of York Rite and also a 33 Degree Scottish Rite Mason.Bob is currently the Secretary/Treasurer SESOBA and Past President of Shriners International Recorders Assoc. 2014-2015.He served our country as Captain in US Army and is currently retired from AT&T.

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