The Al Menah Legion of Honor

The Al Menah Shrine Legion of Honor is comprised of Nobles who have or are now serving our beloved country in the Armed Forces. This Unit commands the highest degree of respect from all Shriners for their unselfish service of defending the freedoms we take for granted every day, that allow us to participate in the world's greatest philanthropic fraternity, the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

The Legion of Honor, whether marching or riding in their custom made parade float, is always provided a motorcycle escort from the Al Menah Provost Guard Unit and are always accorded the position of highest honor at the front of our parades, where they lead our nobility in pursuit of honor and integrity for God and our Country.

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday at the Shrine Center.

The Flag is the Majestic Symbol of Freedom under Constitutional Government. It is the Banner of Our Country. Beneath its protecting folds Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are the Heritage of every Citizen. May it forever provide Peace and Happiness to those who are loyal to it, and may it forever be carried proudly by the AL Menah Shrine Legion of Honor.

Here are some of the events we participate in each year:

Adjutant Contact Info.

(405) 612-1918


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