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Hillbilly News

 The Clan elected the following officers to serve for 2011.

Raban of the Clan:  Wes Frye
Keeper of the Cob: Alvin Hill, Jr.
Keeper of the Still: Dale Pewitt
Keeper of the Quill: Fred Hinde
Possum Queen: Amy Pewitt

Hillbilly Clan #151 Gatherings


Saturday, April 30th, 2011 beginning at 2:00 p.m.


Location:  Bull's Barn, 1481 Driftwood Subdivision Road, Lobelville, TN


Directions:  Take I-40 to Cuba Landing Exit #137...exit and follow the HB #151 signs.  The barn is about 10 miles from the interstate.


Hosts:  Barry "Bull" and Karen Arnold


Food:   Barbeque and trimmings will be served at approximately 4:30 p.m.  .... Hillbilly and Barn degrees follow.


Other:  Bring your lawn chairs and dress in your Hillbilly tuxedo ... Games begin about 2:30 p.m.


Future Hillbilly Balls

July 30:

4 - 8 PM Weather permittin' we'ill eat our vittles at the Pavillion and

then mosey on o'er to the big house to 'nitiate some of dem flatland Shriners.


 October 29th:

 4 - 8 PM We'll be a meetin' in the new outhouse #3 up on the mountain of Cookeville an' iffin

the Gran' Raban o' de Clan seesa fit, we mite ev'n be a havin us a chili cook 'em up.


January 28, 2012 (Dat'll be a Satday nex' yar):

4 - 8 PM We'll be a meetin' in the big house agin an' be eeelectin'

us sum new osiffers an' a Possum Queen.





            The Imperial Clan of the Grand and Glorious Order of the Hillbilly Degree has revised the Constitution and By-laws for all chartered Clans and Branch Clans (Outhouses).   The following is the full text of the new Constitution and By-laws.




Revised 2006



ARTICLE 1, MEMBERSHIP:   This Organization shall be restricted to members in good standing of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America.


ARTICLE 2, PURPOSE:   The purpose of this Organization is to promote sociability among members and to provide finances for the Shriners Hospitals and Temple transportation fund.


ARTICLE 3, OFFICERS:  The degree has three officers:  Raban of the Clan, Keeper of the Cob, and Keeper of the Still.  They shall be elected for one year at the annual meeting and may succeed themselves if duly elected.  The Clan may have more elected or appointed officers as Clan approval.


ARTICLE 4, DUTIES OF OFFICERS:  All officers are expected to donate their time and efforts without cost to the Organization, to conduct the ritual work, and to handle finances and properties belonging to the Order.


ARTICLE 5, PETITIONS:  New members shall be admitted upon application and presentation of their dues card in the AAONMS with payment of the stated initiation fee.  Initiation ritual will be conducted periodically by the offices at called or annual meetings.


ARTICLE 6, GOVERNMENT:  The meetings shall be governed by parliamentary procedure and all decisions made by majority of members present and voting.


ARTICLE 7, DUES:   No dues shall be paid by any member other than the initiation fee.  All members are expected to promote the Organization and to assist in any way the Raban of the Clan shall instruct.  Annual sustaining memberships may be collected on a volunteer basis.


ARTICLE 8, MEMBERSHIP CARDS:   All cards will be consecutively numbered in each Clan and a roster maintained of membership.  Authority for new Clans with copies of the ritual can be obtained from the Imperial Clan by request from certified Clan members (at least three) and payment of the fee.  A roster of new Clan members and card numbers assigned shall be promptly forwarded to the Imperial Clan for permanent records.


ARTICLE 9, FINANCE:  All monies collected by any Clan shall be used for legitimate expenses.   All remaining funds shall be donated to the Shriners Hospitals for Children or for transportation of children to hospitals for treatment.  An annual financial report must be sent to the imperial Clan.


ARTICLE 10, AMENDMENTS:   These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership present at the annual meeting.  A certified member of any Clan, properly registered, may vote at the annual meetings of the Imperial clan, upon any  matter concerning the by-laws.


ARTICLE 11, CLAN MEETINGS:  All Clans shall hold at least six or more meetings per year and meeting dates shall be sent to the Clan News for publication.


ARTICLE 12, SHRINE RULES:  All Clans, Outhouses and Hillbillies, shall do nothing that conflicts with the Shrine Imperial Law.  All donations sent to the Imperial Clan are tax exempt.


ARTICLE 13, OFFICIAL PUBLICATION:  The Clan News is the official publication of the Hillbilly Degree.


ARTICLE 14:   (a)  All Clan and Clan Outhouse Officers and Ambassadors must subscribe to the Clan News. 

                            (b)  All Clans will provide a one-year subscription to Clan News to each newly initiated Hillbilly.





Official Interpretations


1.         MEMBERSHIP in one Clan permits a Hillbilly to participate in the activities of any Clan.  All true Hillbillies will extend the hospitality expected of them by all visiting Hillbillies.  Any Hillbilly desiring membership in other Clans can obtain a membership card in that Clan for payment of their stated modest fee and will not be required to participate in the ritual again.


2.         RECRUITING MEMBERS.   Any Clan may recruit new Hillbilly members at any place in the world where there is no existing Clan.  Temple areas are no barrier to the recruitment of new members.  However, if a Clan is established in the Temple's area where recruit is planned  ---  then their permission must be obtained.


3.         CLAN AREAS.   There will normally be only one Clan in any Temple's jurisdiction.  A second Clan will only be established upon the written approval of the original Clan in the Temple's area.


4.         BRANCH CLANS.   All Clans have the authority to create Branch Clans, sometimes know as Outhouses, in any area of their Temple's jurisdiction.  The original Clan in the area, when establishing Outhouses or Branch Clans, will be responsible for that Unit following the Constitution and By-Laws and will be responsible for their reports being included in the Clan's annual report.


5.         LADIES AUXILIARY.  All Clans, Outhouses and Branch Clans have authority to permit the establishment of a ladies auxiliary providing the following conditions are followed:


a.         Ladies will neither join the Clan, nor participate in any Clan's business meetings of rituals.


b.         The ladies auxiliary must work for the same basic principals upon which the Clan is established.


c.         Profits generated for the Shriners Hospitals by a ladies auxiliary must be turned over to the Clan, Outhouses or Branch Clan annually and copy of the check and or a written report submitted to the Clan.


6.         CLAN SEALS.  Each Clan, Outhouse and Branch Clan is hereby authorized to obtain a HAND SEAL to apply official impressions to documents, membership certificates, etc.  These can be ordered from stationery stores and in order to maintain some uniformity throughout the Hillbilly Degree should be copies after as these samples emboss beautifully on a gold seal.


7.         HILLBILLY EMBLEMS.  The Hillbilly Degree has three official emblems.  The cob and crescent symbol, the Hillbilly Degree has three official emblems.  The cob and crescent symbol, the Hillbilly with a jug and the one shown on the front of this book.  Each unit is hereby authorized to reproduce these on letterhead or in any way to publicize the Degree.


8.         NEW CLANS.  Any clans receiving inquiries regarding establishment of a new Clan should forward names, addresses and phone number of the interested parties to the Imperial Clan.  The Imperial has the authority to establish new Clans and will answer all inquiries promptly.


9.         REPORTS.  All Clans agreed, as part of their charter application, to submit a list of new members initiated with this report being due each January along with a copy of checks for all donations.  Clans failing to make these reports are subject to have their charters revoked at the option of the Imperial Clan.


10.       CLAN NEWS.  The Clan News will carry all official announcements and notices of the Hillbilly Degree.  Clan and Outhouse news will be published also.


11.       INTERNATIONAL HILLBILLY CONVENTION.  There will be an annual convention of the Hillbilly Clans in October, date, time and place will be announced in the Clan News, open to all regularly initiated Hillbillies and their Hillbilly Gals.  The October date may be changed by a request of the host Clan and approved at the Imperial convention.


12.       IMPERIAL BUSINESS SESSION.  The Imperial session at the annual convention will be restricted to members of the Hillbilly degree and Shriners wishing to establish a new Clan.


13.       INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.  Each Clan is urged to apply for a separate IRS tax exemption which can be obtained by filing Form 1025 available at any Internal Revenue Service office.